The Full Spectrum is a fun and interactive program to prepare expecting mothers and their birthing partners for better birthing experiences. This class replaces fear with peace through knowledge. A large portion of our time will be spent learning comfort measures for labor, controlled breathing skills, massage techniques, birthing positions, and rebozo techniques. We will also spend time learning how to relieve common discomforts of pregnancy. Many of these lessons are best learned through guided practice; These things that you cannot easily learn from the internet. 

This class is fully comprehensive by combining our class time with a detailed book on birth, and access online supporting videos.

Class Locations: Trussville Public Library and  Homewood Public Library

Total class time is 5 hours which will be either a 5 hour weekend class or 2 x 2.5 hour weeknight sessions.

Cost: $90-$120 per couple depending on the dates and location.

A quarterly scholarship will be available for minorities or active military families.


Class Schedule

2020 Spring schedule coming soon